Never Bet the Devil & Other Warnings, by Orrin Grey

Strix Publishing is proud to announce the general release of the special, limited edition of Orrin Grey’s Never Bet the Devil & Other Warnings.

Never Bet the Devil & Other Warnings is a premium, limited edition of a modern horror classic. First published in 2012, this collection put Orrin Grey on the map as an up and coming horror author of note.

Grey has since become a renowned voice in the genre with such works at Painted Monsters & Other Strange Beasts, Gardinel’s Real Estate, and Mutagenesis.

This new edition from Strix Publishing includes all ten stories from the original, including the novella, “The Mysterious Flame”, as well as the heretofore hard-to-find “A Night for Mothing” and an all new story, “Goblins.”

Never Bet the Devil & Other Warnings is 185 pages and illustrated by the brilliant M.S. Corley. This limited edition of 500 copies features a beautiful 6 x 9” clothbound, foil-stamped cover, and a foreword by noted author, Nathan Ballingrud.

Never Bet the Devil & Other Warnings is now available for MSRP $29.99.