Problem Glyphs art book coming to Kickstarter, May 16th

One of the foundational ideas behind Strix Publishing is that a book is more than a collection of words and images. With the advent of digital publishing, the idea of book-as-artifact is more precious than ever, and Strix’s function is to create premium edition books acting as vessels that do their contents justice. 

This is not so say we’re Luddites, though. We do not disavow digital editions of books—they’re a tremendous boon to publishers and readers alike and represent an important step in the democratization of knowledge and art. Almost all Strix print publications will be accompanied by eBook editions, but physical books are the focus of our attentions. The initial slate of publications for Strix’s 2016 catalogue, beginning with the Problem Glyphs art book, were all solicited due to how well they lend themselves to unique and beautiful print editions.

Problem Glyphs will be a premium edition and display-worthy art book featuring a Smyth sewn genuine clothbound hard cover with gold foil-stamped cover illustrations. The estimated 220 interior pages will be printed on beautiful matte coated art paper. Tremendous care has gone into every aspect of the book, from its binding to its typography. In the case of this edition, typographical choices were made in close consultation with Problem Glyphs creator, Eliza Gauger. We’ll have more to share on this subject soon. 

In the meantime, we’re very excited to share this 3D mockup of the Problem Glyphs art book, and are looking forward to see you all in the comments of the Kickstarter, beginning May 16th.